50 Digital Wood Joints
Jochen Gros

Wood Joints are fascinating! They embellish old furniture and wood constructions of ancient Japanese temples alike.

Michael Winter

This two-tone ambient light changes its colors during the day. Colors can be modified and stored. 

Ronen Kadushin

The Bird table consists of two table bases and a glass top. The bases are CNC cut from 24 mm birch plywood, which is strong enough to support the glass weight.

Flataalto Flower Holder
Ronen Kadushin

The Flataalto Flower Holder is an open design cover version of Alvar Aalto's 1936 classic glass Savoy vase.

Ronen Kadushin

Table Light, materials: stainless steel, electric specs: 35W/220V lamp, year of production: 2004

Michael Winter

This Big Bib is large enough so even adults can make a mess. It measures 31 centimeters at the neck and 46 centimetres at the bottom. Its height is 61 centimeters.

Rocking Couch
Michael Winter

The rocking couch is made of multiplex and wood varnished in various colours. Two bolsters can be plugged in at the position you like.

Michael Winter

This high desk is designed and constructed with CAD, visualized with SketchUp and manufactured by CNC-milling.

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